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Baking courses

July 29, 2013

So I finally signed up for baking classes (Thanks Groupon!) to learn to make macarons, after failing for the gazillionth time.

We started out the day learning to make seafood quiche pie and dark chocolate tart using different techniques to make the crust. Who knew that the rubbing method and creaming method would yield different types of dough?? Well, maybe you did, but I didn’t!

IMG_3897 IMG_3896

It was great to learn from basics and understand the chemistry of everything. Yes, I am that much of a chemistry geek. Hehe.

I had to partner this girl, who happens to be my junior back in college. How much of a coincidence is that? Then we started talking to the 2 girls beside us (who didn’t know each other either), and exchanged numbers in case we wanted to sign up for more baking classes together. SCORE!

A general shout out to the world: If anybody wants to sign up for baking classes together, contact me!

So here’s the pre-baked seafood quiche pie topped with mashed potato. Doesn’t look as great because the mashed potatoes were dry so it was hard to pipe, but whatever.


And the pre-baked chocolate tart shell which had to be baked blind for 10 mins, followed by another 10 mins to dry them out


FInished product:

IMG_3899 IMG_3904

Not bad for a start. I loved the chocolate tart! Dark chocolate is mega love ❀ Didn’t really like the seafood quiche filling and mashed potato but the crust recipe is a keeper πŸ™‚

Then it was macaron making class in the afternoon. We had to pipe them out and let them dry in an air-conditioned room for about 1 hour, and learnt to troubleshoot some of the typical problems faced by macaron bakers.



Some of mine still cracked but at least I managed to get those with feet πŸ˜€


Final product: Chocolate macarons with chocolate passionfruit ganache and mango-passionfruit custard


My verdict: Macarons are like the princess of cookies, and require sooo much attention and preparation work. I doubt I would attempt this anymore unless I have nothing better to do, or I find a fail-proof recipe.

If I want to eat one, I’m just gonna get it from TWG. Like a normal person.

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