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Ferrero Rocher cupcakes

June 13, 2011

Yet another recipe that I could strike off my 2011 baking list.

I got the recipe here, but I only followed the cupcake recipe, and changed the flour to cake flour instead. The cupcakes were incredibly moist, and soft, and not very sweet, which I guess is a good thing, considering it needed to be filled, and topped with hazelnut ganache.

I doubt I would do this again, unless it’s for a special occasion, because it takes quite a significant amount of effort.

First, I had to bake the chocolate cupcakes, let it cool, and then cut out circles in the middle of the cupcakes, so that I could fill them.

Well, as you can see, the circles got deformed after a while because I hate cutting out circles. Anyway nobody would see how ugly they were since they were going to be covered with ganache. Ho ho ho!

Remove the circle tops, and fill the hollow with nutella, the ultimate yummy goodness.

Top it off with ganache.

It doesn’t taste like the actual ferrero rocher, but the nutella filling went really well with the cake.

Best eaten fresh and warm.

Recipe for ganache:

250ml cream
200g dark chocolate, chopped coarsely
Chopped hazelnut, lightly toasted


1. Bring cream to boil in a pot. Remove from heat. When bubbles subside, add chocolate and stir till smooth. Stir in chopped hazelnuts.
2. Let it cool on the countertop, before spreading onto the cupcakes or it will create a drippy chocolatey mess.

In retrospect, maybe I should have added hazelnut flavour to the ganache, but I couldn’t find any without alcohol :S


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