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Oreo Pops

June 7, 2011

A more efficient alternative to cake pops, for the lazy bums in all of us, who don’t want to have to bake a cake and crumble it down yada yada, like what I did for cake pops previously.

All you need are:

Oreos or creamos (or whatever biscuit you want to use)
Cream cheese
Dark chocolate coverture
White chocolate coverture
Sprinkles, quinns, decor stuff

That’s it!

So here we go:

First you open an entire packet of oreos and try to resist eating them

Blitz everything in a food processor till fine. Repeat with 16 packets of oreos

Love this invention. One of the best thing ever!

If you don’t have one, don’t fret. Just put the cookies in a ziplock bag and crush it. I usually do this because I’m too lazy to wash the food processor, but not this time round. Why make life difficult right?

Next, beat the softened cream cheese. Then, add the crushed oreos bit by bit and mix, until you get the desired texture.

I honestly can’t remember how much I used because I made about 3 batches. But in all, I used about 15 packets of oreos, and about 700g of cream cheese. I think?

Shape them into balls and refrigerate for about 2 hours. Or freeze for about 10 minutes.

Work with one type of chocolate at a time. I chose to work with white choc first because it’s more difficult to handle.

Melt the white choc using a double boiler method, taking care not to let a single drop of water get mixed in with the chocolate. Remove from heat after all the chocolate has melted.

Remove one tray of oreo pops from the fridge, and then the fun begins!

Using a lolly stick (or in my case, a chopstick), dip one end into white choc and poke into the middle of the ball, ensuring that the ball does not crack. Then dip the ball into the white chocolate. Basically, the same method of coating candy melts onto the cake pops.

And sprinkle!



Stars and moons..

Hundreds and thousands..

And repeat with dark chocolate. I find working with Tulip chocolate really easy because it hardens relatively quickly, so no messy drips!

Again with the hundreds and thousands..

Gold flakes..

Colourful diamonds..


Even the heart confetti looks really pretty against the foam board, don’t you think?

Must be really nice for little ants to walk through the forest of oreo pops. And look up to this sight:

I guess that’s how it is in Willy Wonka’s Factory right?

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