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Vanilla and more

March 7, 2011

One thing I really love about vanilla cupcake batter is its versatility. It’s my basic go-to recipe, and then I work things out from there.


1) Sprinkles/quills –> Confetti cupcakes

2) Lemon zest + juice -> Lemon cupcakes

3) Crushed oreo –> Cookies and cream cupcakes

4) Choc chips –> Vanilla choc chip cupcakes

5) Frozen blueberries –> Blueberries cupcakes

Well, you get the picture. The mix ins create endless possibilities!

Just to show how easy it is to do.

Pour sugar bunnies (or whatever you feel like using) into vanilla batter, and stir.

And because I wanted to see how they all looked inside

Check out the bits of sugar bunnies

And I really love this

And finally, the lemon cupcake

Nothing much to see here, except that it smells really good.

It would be so awesome if we could smell off the screen.


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