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Cake Pops

February 27, 2011

You know who Bakerella is right? She’s the Queen of Cake Pops, and super talented!

She has a book on Cake Pops, which I’m planning to get. Maybe, someday.

Unless, you know, some kind soul decides to get it for me 🙂

Since I don’t have THE BOOK, and it’s my first time doing this (the other time I made cake pops didn’t count. I didn’t do it right. Hehe), I wanted to do it right!

She even had a tutorial on youtube! Awesome, much?

Humm, they didn’t turn out too shabby actually. SCORE!


One thing about candy melts is that it’s really sweet.

So I think it helps if your cake is tasteless, and the frosting used to bind the cake crumbs be as non-sweet as possible.

Personally, I like the candy melts chilled, but with a slightly warm interior just so I could taste the cake. I don’t like eating cold cake. Unless its a mousse, or anything that requires to be chilled.

Humm, how do we work that out? I don’t know!

Well, that’s just me.


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