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Red, white and furry all over

February 10, 2011

An Elmo themed birthday party for Sya’s super adorable nephew, which incidentally, marked our first party planning event.

Well, we made the goodie bags (badges designed by the creative director, Sya, and we used Hafie’s ultra cool badge maker)

Of course we had our own badges too, with our twitter id. Just because.

We had to take charge of the dessert table.

Salmah made tiramisu.

Sya made konyaku jelly.

and popped butter popcorn, with cranberries

Sya’s sister made the chocolates.

I made these babies. (Credit also goes to the Creative Director, yet again, who gave me the ideas from her gazillion searches thru google)

And our mini candy stash. To prep ourselves for our mega candy buffet event in June. Can’t wait for that!!

Not forgetting the Elmo bottles (sleeves designed by the ever creative Sya)

Now, who wants to hire us as your party planners? Give us a SHOUT!

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