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Gaga and Glamour Puss

February 10, 2011

You know what’s the best thing about getting orders from your friend? You get to discuss about flavours, and designs, up till the day before the cakes are due. And most of the time, you’re allowed to just “bake whatever flavour you think is nice lah okay?”

I practically begged Mariam to allow me to work with candy melts, just because I wanted to get the Wilton candy tray. Hehe.. The true test of friendship — allowing free reign of HER cupcake orders. You rock babe 🙂

So yeah, we settled on girly glam cupcakes for Fad, Birthday Girl 1.

Each time I look at the luscious lips, I have this uncontrollable desire to make smooching sounds. My mom went ahead with *muacks* and started pouting her lips. Hehe.

And then it was on the Surya, Birthday Girl 2. First we wanted rock chick cupcakes, and then maybe with a little bit of pirates theme. And then,we finally agreed on LADY GAGA. How fun!

Pssst! Half of them were chocolate cupcakes… and had chunks of these babies..

The other half were cookies & cream, with oreo bits. Only I don’t know which is which, after they were covered with fondant. *shrugs*

Happy Birthday to Surya and Fad. Hope you guys enjoyed the cupcakes and had a rockin’ birthday celebration!

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