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Alice in Wonderland (Part 2): Fondant Fun

September 5, 2010

Marshmallow fondant is the best discovery, EVER!

I coloured my fondant a few days before I started baking, and they took me a total of 4 hours!

The black ones were the most difficult to colour. I kept getting greyish purple, and I had to use almost the entire bottle of the gel colouring, and then I remember reading somewhere that adding brown might deepen the colour. So yeah! It worked! It was still greyish when I was done, but I refrigerated it and a few days later –> Glossy Black. AWESOME!

Yeah my kitchen looks like the Sugar Fairy threw up there, and left the mess of icing sugar everywhere. Covering the table with newspaper, before layering with plastic is really useful! I threw away the entire thing, and voila! Less clean up!

On the top right hand corner are my individually packed colourful fondant set. All ready to be used. Or refrigerated.

I can’t remember where I got the recipe, but anyway here’s my version:


500g marshmallow

2 tbsp water

1kg sifted icing sugar

cooking spray


1. Generously grease a glass bowl with cooking spray.You could use butter, but your fondant would taste buttery. I used Canola Oil cooking spray since it won’t add any flavour.

2. Pour marshmallow into bowl, and spinkle with water. Melt in on high in microwave oven. (I checked on the marshmallows every 3o secs.)

3. Grease a LARGE metal/plastic spoon, add icing sugar bit by bit, and keep stirring and mixing until it reaches the consistency of soft clay and stops being really sticky. Use well-greased hands to knead fondant. (Note: It will be really sticky, so cooking spray and SIFTED icing sugar are your best friends. ) It’s not necessary to use all 1kg of the icing sugar. I don’t know how much I used. I just stopped when I felt that the fondant was pliable enough.

4. Wrap fondant with plastic and refrigerate. Or, let it cool first, before taking a small portion to colour. Tips on how to colour your fondant here. I love reading NQN! She was also my source in inspiration for some of the cupcake designs later. Thanks NQN!

Anyway she said that the colours were susceptible to fading, but for my case, they seem to deepen over a few days, so yay. Lucky me, I guess?

Oh and mine still remained glossy after a few days. I think using cooking spray helped!

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