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Rainbow Madness

July 7, 2010

The rainbow layer cake has been making its way around everybody’s kitchen, including mine!

I baked this for a dear friend, who I know would get a kick out of the bright colours. Plus, it reminds me of her, with her bubbly personality. AND I was right! I just got a text message from her this morning, saying how the colours just screamed SURPRISE!

Okay here it goes. Normally people use white cake recipe, but I just used my trusty vanilla cupcakes recipe, and frosted the entire thing with Seven Minute Frosting, which tastes like marshmallow fluff. Yay!

First divide the batter into 3, and add colouring into each batch. Bake like how you would normally bake cupcakes.

Then, let it cool, remove cupcake liners, and cut into equal sizes.

And then layer the cake as tall as you want it to be, with frosting in between each layer. Frost the entire thing.




Yes I know it looks like crap. And extremely messy.

My frosting didn’t turn out well, and I created a whole lot of mess, with the crumbs clinging onto the frosting. And it just looked plain ugly, instead of the ethereal effect I was looking for.

So I literally threw these colourful confetti onto the cake, trying to salvage the ugly mess. And I was already late to meet her!!

Whatever! Slap on more frosting on the rest, throw confetti, and pack. GO!


I had to know how it looks inside!

Oh well, it’s not that bad after all. There’s something about bright colours that make me smile, and calms me down. Weird I know.

But it was still embarrassing to pass her the really ugly birthday cakes.

Happy Birthday Mariam! I hope the cakes brought a smile on your face just like it did mine.

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