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Profiteroles, Eclairs and Churros

June 25, 2010

Yet another bake fest to strike off my Recipes To Try List.

They were filled with instant vanilla pudding, and then glazed with chocolate ganache.

I thought churros used the same recipe as these choux pastries, so I decided to make some as well. Obviously I was wrong! My ‘churros’ were so limp and disgusting!

Google here I come, and got the recipe here. Which also came with it’s own set of problems. My first batch turned out okay. My 2nd batch.. well..they unravelled.

So I turned the churros every 10 secs for my next batch, and everything turned out fine! PHEW!

I didn’t have any castor sugar at home, so fine sugar it is, which looks more like coarse sugar! First Choice lied. They probably ran out of fine sugar and filled it with coarse sugar for customers like me, who doesn’t bother checking the grain sizes. Have a Fat Friday, everybody!

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  1. tea permalink
    June 28, 2010 1:13 am

    ive been wanting to try churros too but haven’t done it yet..u wanna try the recipe that i have?..if i’m not mistaken, the recipe tt i have calls for the dough to be refrigerated or frozen for a few hours before it’s fried.. wait i pass u ok!

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