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Bake weekend

June 10, 2010

With all these new books, I should probably try out new recipes, or at least, other techniques right?


I’m too much of a creature of habit, and stick to my fail-proof, tried and tested 1398247 times vanilla cupcakes recipe, which is so versatile! Why mess with anything that’s perfectly fine?

Anyway I’m totally addicted to the raspberry jam I just bought to make PB&J sandwiches, and thought, hey! I could try raspberry cupcakes(right)! So this time I used my trusty basic vanilla cupcakes (left) recipe, and then added raspberry jam. Aren’t I smart??

And since I can’t leave the cupcakes well alone without any frosting whatsoever, I went ahead with chocolate ganache for the raspberry ones, and a pink/orange swirl for vanilla cupcakes.

I know the swirls are really really boring, but it was my first time doing a bi-coloured frosting, so I didn’t want to pipe something too complicated whatsoever. Like as if I COULD pipe something complicated. Hahahaha.

They are pretty, I must say!

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