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Angel food

December 25, 2009

I’ll say it here. I hate the taste of almond essence. It’s weird, and the combination with the fizziness of angel food cake is too weird to comprehend. No, really. It’s like eating effervescent tablet, in cake form. Which isn’t that bad, until the fake almond flavouring or essence get mixed in. Yuck.

Maybe next time I’ll try baking angel food cake from scratch, so I can omit the almond flavour. In the meantime, it’s just Betty Crocker and me, rendezvous-ing in the kitchen.

Then I discovered frozen cranberries in the freezer -don’t ask me why frozen cranberries keep popping up in my freezer. Maybe the Cranberry Fairies dropped them off or something- soo! I made cranberry sauce, which disguised the almond taste! Awesome!!!

I got the recipe here, but mine took about 30 mins to thicken. Oh well..

Basically all you need are :

And spoon onto cupcakes, or spread onto cake!

Doesn’t it look very Christmasy?

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