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Triple pudding

December 27, 2008

Talk about dessertini right? Dessert in a martini glass!

Anyway this is called triple pudding because the bottom most layer is made of sponge/pound cake. The next layer is a fruity one, and the top most layer is custard.

Salmah gave the whole bunch of TJ girls the recipe to this wholesome goodness a few years ago during Hari Raya, but I think most of us threw it away misplaced it (including me). I’m just wondering how she got the custard layer to be pale yellow, almost creamish, instead of my bright canary yellow one. Oh well. At least it tastes good!

Recipe (Courtesy of Salmah and her aunt)

Ingredients (Custard layer):

4 tbsp (heaping) Bird’s brand custard powder
1 can Carnation evaporated milk
1 cup castor sugar
1 can water (using the can of evaporated milk)
1/4 teaspoon salt


1. Mix evaporated milk and sugar in a pot.
2. Pour 1/4 can of water into the milk, sugar mixture in the pot.
3. Add custard powder to the can of water and mix well.
4. Add dissolved custard powder to mixture in the pot. Add vanilla and salt and stir.
5. Heat the mixture (at low heat for better control), and keep stirring until it starts to get slightly thick and viscous, but still fluid. Remove from heat.

(NOTE: Do not overcook custard, because like cheesecakes, custards will continue cooking even after it is removed from heat, and will end up lumpy instead of a smooth mixture.)

Pudding assembly (Best to be done before making the custard):


Pound cake ( I used Butter pound cake from Silver Bird)
Fruit cocktail (I used mandarin oranges, but you can use anything you want)


1. Cut pound cake according to how thick you want the cake layer to be. Assemble in a container/martini glass/shot glasses/pudding bowl.
2. Pour some of the syrup from the fruit cocktail to wet the cake layer. (This is not really necessary, but I like my cake slightly soggy)
3. Arrange fruits on the cake layer.

4. Pour custard layer. Garnish with extra cake pieces/fruits whatsoever.

5. Cover with cling wrap so that pudding skin will not form. Refrigerate for at least 3 hours.

Best served cold.

I think I shall try layering with jam instead of fruits the next time, but it might be too sweet. I like that the mandarin oranges added a different flavour to the entire pudding, instead of just sweetness.

Anyway I think the whole thing is just too yellow/orangey. We need more colours!

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