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Cupcake in a Mug!

December 11, 2008

This is the perfect one for those really lazy bums out there. It’s really really really easy and an instant fix for those midnight cravings, till you get the real deal.

Recipe here but I tweaked it a little bit (Serves 2)!


4 tbsp plain flour
4 tbsp castor sugar
2 HEAPING tbsp cocoa powder
1 egg
3 tbsp milk
3 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tall mug


1. Mix flour sugar and cocoa.
2. Add egg.
3.  Pour milk and oil and mix well.
4. Microwave on HIGH for 2.5 mins. (or until the cake rises so high that it’s almost reaching the ceiling of the microwave)

The verdict?
The cake is best eaten freshly out of the oven. YUM!

My sis and I tried it out with different types of frostings and we couldn’t decide which was the best one with the cake.

Tried and tested:

1. Betty Crocker chocolate frosting
2. My left over cream cheese frosting
3. Cream cheese frosting with cinnamon powder
4. Betty Crocker chocolate frosting swirled with cream cheese frosting
5. Peanut butter
6. Frostingless, but with a tall glass of cold milk

What NOT to do:

1. Add choc chips. The microwave will dry out the chips.
2. NOT add egg. Come on!!!
3. Over cook in the microwave. The cake will end up being tough and chewy.
4. Use peanut oil. Actually it’s not that bad.. Smells like peanut butter and chocolate.


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